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"Only if we can see the universe as one,In which each part reflects the totalityAnd in which the great beauty lies in its diversity,We will begin to understand who we are and where we stand." Titian Terzani

"We have an extraordinary strategic plan. It's called DOING THE THINGS." Herb Kelleher No pretense. No defense. Just dedication, strength, pragmatism, business experience and listening. Business coaching can be summarized as follows. An approach that requires commitment

TALENT MANAGEMENT - HOW TO "INVEST" IN HUMAN CAPITAL IN TIMES OF CRISIS Attention firms: each lost talent costs at least one year's salary, plus recruiting expenses, missed billing during the period of reduced activity, and costs

By Barbara Parmeggiani "The secret of change is to focus all energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates I meet Emanuele Mangiacotti, Head of Recruiting, Training and Human Capital Development at Wind