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Interested in the development of people, an expert in organizational issues, she believes that the success of companies comes through the mobilization of the energy and skills of those who work within them.

Management consultant, Executive Coach and Trainer, she founded WE+Network, convinced that to promote innovation it is essential to seek a new and original approach to the consultancy market. Open discussion, exchange, mutual contamination of ideas and constructive dialectics between highly experienced consultants are the fundamental ingredients for producing added value solutions for client companies.



Management Consultant, Psychotherapist and Executive Coach with extensive experience, he founded and is today President of We+, a professional network for the dissemination of Business Coaching.

Barbara founded and is today President of Weplusnetwork srl, a professional network for the diffusion of Business Coaching, animated by the desire to aggregate, systematize and make available the best experiences in the sector. He is Adjunct Professor at the European University of Rome and teaches at Luiss Business School, where he is passionate about training young people and managers of public and private companies in inter-company courses. Over the course of his career, his anthropological and psychological background was complemented by his entry into the company and his activity in contact with entrepreneurial and business contexts. After 10 years in corporate HR in the IT sector, he held managerial and senior leadership positions in consultancy in Italy and Europe, where he actively contributed to business development and gained familiarity with multinational contexts and with the English, French and Spanish languages. . Expert in Leadership and Change management, Assessment and Development, Communication, Dissemination of Knowledge, Barbara has a predilection for coaching individuals and groups, whom she wishes to support towards achieving optimal effectiveness and excellence in results. The ideas and concepts he acquires in the field are the source of numerous articles, videos and three books on management topics. Her desire to develop an in-depth knowledge of the psychological processes and reactions of people in organizations, to better understand the real dynamics of change and leadership in individuals and groups, led her to found and preside for several years at the Relationship Studies Center and Legami and to increase his experience as a Jungian-inspired psychoanalyst.



Interested in research and innovation of approaches and methods to support the development of organizations, she is convinced of the centrality of people as the cornerstone of corporate results.

After significant experience as a consultant, manager in the HR area and executive coach, he founded WE+Network because he believes that from the synthesis of experiences and interests of senior professionals, ideas and proposals can arise capable of creating added value in companies through an offer of “modern services” to support competitiveness and effectiveness.


We are included in numerous professional networks.
Our many years of experience allows us to offer a mix of solutions and interventions that focus on the different dimensions of personal development and organizational change, reinterpreted based on the distinctive approach of business coaching.
Our distinctive skills are in 'field of strategic consultancy, change management, organizational development, executive coaching, personnel management and development, leadership development, HR processes and solutions.




He has been carrying out professional activities in Human Resources for more than 30 years. He worked in ENEL for 15 years, both in training and personnel selection and development, first as a specialist then as a manager, and in GiGroup as Training Director for 5 years. She is currently self-employed, working as a trainer, coach or assessor combining specialized professional skills with business experience. Works with managers and executives on issues related to leadership, change management, strategic thinking and vision, creativity and innovation, and personal and professional empowerment. She has been, and still is, responsible for training, selection, assessment and coaching projects for large corporate entities and has worked in a wide range of product sectors (manufacturing, pharmaceutical, horeca, food, banking, publishing, public administration, insurance) deepening her knowledge of the organizational culture of these contexts to provide customized responses to clients’ requests. He has also been involved in psychological counseling for adults or teens and mindfulness for many years on both an individual and group level. She holds a degree in Clinical Psychology, has been a member of the Register of Psychologists of Latium since the foundation, and has attended the AIF master’s degree “Training Trainers” and the University of Florence’s 2nd Level University Specialization Course in “Accreditation, Validation and Certification of Competencies.” He is a certified coach by Erickson College International’s “Art&Science of Coaching” and We+Network’s “Business Coaching Lab.” He is a Registred Coach of the WABC – World Association Business Coaching. He is the author of numerous articles and co-author of two books “Coaching on Line” ed. Franco Angeli and “Innovative Systems for Human Resource Management” ed. Franco Angeli.


HR professional with extensive experience, also gained in the international arena, both as HR Director, in Italy and Northern Europe, and as Director of Center of Expertise. In-depth knowledge of all HR issues (organization, development and training, coaching, selection, compensation policies) and well-established skills in policy definition, process and project implementation, and team management, both in local and complex international realities. Today management consultant, trainer and executive-business coach, WABC and EMCC certified.


Dirigente Senior in Strategie, Marketing e Comunicazione

Laura has over 20 years of experience and is currently an Entrepreneur, Business Angel, Coach and Consultant in Business Strategies and Marketing and Communication Training. New consumer trends (from physical to liquid), Change management, Distribution changes, Digital strategies , New Business development, are the main areas of his intervention to ensure the company’s leadership in the market and its survival in the medium to long term. Trained between Naples and Milan, earning a bachelor’s degree cum laude in economics and business administration specializing in management and later winning a scholarship for the Publitalia ’80 Master’s in Marketing and Business Communication. He has worked in large multinational corporations and Small Medium Enterprises alongside enlightened entrepreneurs in their business transformation journey, covering FMCG markets (Household care and Personal care) and Niche Segments aimed at the “Premium” target.


Business-Executive Coach e Counselor

Luke supports clients during delicate personal and professional transitions through individual and group interventions. Luca began his career in the professional family of change management, working in leading management consulting firms at leading Italian and multinational companies, holding the roles of project leader, project manager and lecturer in complex innovation and transformation projects at the level of business, processes, technologies and human resources. In 2006, Luca started “DeGa” providing professional services as a Change Manager, Advisor-Coach and Teacher-Coach of managerial and organizational behavior in both large multinational groups and small/medium-sized Italian companies. Luca collaborates with Flower & Klein for executive search services. Luca has contributed to the spread of the Coaching culture by collaborating with a pioneering Coaching school in Italy and has conceived and helped implement the first Italian (and second in the world) research project at the academic level, uniting the disciplines of Coaching and Neuroscience. Blending theory and practice of Coaching, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Management Consulting, Luke’s “Model of practice” is consistent with: Harvard Business Coaching model: “Coaching borrows both from consulting and therapy” (Coutu and Kaufmann 2009) Middlesex University and Professional Development Foundation model “Building your own coaching framework for complex times” (Lane and Cavanagh 2011) INSEAD Leadership Coaching Model “To direct a person or a group of people toward a specific mutually determined goal” (Kets de Vries 2008) Luca in his practice taking a cue from M. Kets De Vries operates as a bridge-builder reducing the distances between different disciplines (e.g. coaching, consulting and therapies), “walking the talk” of work-life balance. Sports lover derives well-being from skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, tennis, diving, gym and enjoys playing field field hockey by participating in master championships. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and attended a Master of Executive and Business Coaching at SCOA and a Master of Business Coaching at Middlesex University in London. He is Certified Business Coach and Chartered Business Coach, Full Member WABC, Member and Menbro of the Scientific Committee of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), Certified Mediator. He is fluent in English and French.


Business Coach, Business Manager, Project Manager

Reflective and decisive – Simplifies complexity – Seeks truth Fascinated by complex problems and relational dynamics, Vinicio has found in large corporate entities an ideal gymnasium to work out thoughts and behaviors best suited to achieving results and customer satisfaction, minimizing tensions and misunderstandings that difficulties easily engender along the way. By combining Coaching techniques with the experience developed in the field, he has become better structured and has been able to realize his desire to support organizations and individuals in their professional growth and in the changes that are most functional to their evolution. Vinicio is an engineer with long experience as a business manager and as a project manager in multinational company. He has worked in both industrial and consulting settings, becoming familiar with issues of manufacturing processes and high-value consulting service delivery. Took on leadership and responsibility roles requiring experience, autonomous decision-making and results orientation, supported by an aptitude for problem solving, listening and understanding interpersonal dynamics, also representing the company at public events. He oversaw the professional growth and motivation of people, and the overcoming of internal and external team conflicts, with a focus on achieving individual and team goals, handling emergency and crisis situations effectively. Also working in the United States and various European states, Vinicio gained further sensitivity to inter-cultural dynamics. Vinicio’s most relevant skills include coaching, selection, training and growth of new resources, corporate communication and marketing, international project management and promotion of consulting services, production process optimization, budget forecasting, and new product introduction. He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering, is a member of the Register of Engineers of Rome, a certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) and a member of PMI Chapter Rome since 2003; since 2015 he is accredited as a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) according to the model of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) of which he is an Affiliate Member, and is associated with Weplusnetwork. v.deluca@weplusnetwork.com


Executive Coach e Senior HR Consultant

He has extensive professional experience in people and organization development, first in business and later in consulting, where he designs and manages interventions and programs to support people and organization development and change management. It has a
Proven experience in conducting training projects, coaching, assessment, development center, 360°feedback session, competency mapping and competency model definition. Works with small, medium and large organizations in the public and private sectors.
Her curiosity and attention to continuous development have allowed her to deepen, both through participation in specific trainings and through the study and confrontation with other professionals, different methodologies and approaches that she integrates and synthesizes in the realization of articulated projects, tailored to the specific needs of the organizational context and the client.
Implements managerial skills training and development interventions through the “coach approach” and experiential learning techniques. He has more than 1,000 hours of practice in coaching gained by working alongside managers and executives in individual and team coaching paths at Italian and multinational companies. Carmela has a degree in Psychology and is a member of the Lazio Register of Psychologists. He attended a Master in Human Resources and the Master Corporate Coaching Program at Corporate Coach U Italia Srl, earning his Professional Corporate Coach (PCC) certification from International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2010. He is a Fellow of International and SCP Italy and an Associate of Weplusnetwork since its establishment.


Coaching Psychologist, Coaching Supervisor e Management Consultant

Business Coach by passion, belief in the possibilities of human beings, experience in organizations and psychological training. I come to the professional synthesis of coaching after being involved in corporate assignments in both HR and line management. I support and facilitate leadership development and self-efficacy of executive managers, managers and key people by developing 1to1 Coaching, Team Coaching, Shadow Coaching, Peer to Peer Coaching programs. Accredited Coaching Psychologist (ISCP, SCP Italy), ISCP (International Society for Coaching Psychology) Fellow, Accredited Coaching Supervisor (ISCP) and Management Consulting. Co-founder & Steering Committee member SCP Italy and Co-director of the Advanced Training Course in Business Coaching Psychology. Registered with the National Register of Psychologists (since 1990). Practitioner & Supervision to the Practice of Corporate Coaching (SCOA, 2007-2008). Author of articles, peer reviewed papers, contributed to the writing of books such as Qualidades Psicológicas Positivas nas Organizações – Desenvolvimento, Mensuração e Gestão. São Paulo, 2018, to the development of research such as. The ‘largest project ever’ on the effects of coaching: preliminary results (Development & Organization, 2013); Taking the temperature of supervision in Coaching/Coaching Psychology: SCP Italy’s first survey (SGCP Conference, Birmingham, 2012); Coaching Competencies and values: how Italian Coaches (psychologists and non-psychologists) face present and future challenges (3rd European Coaching Psychology Conference, London, 2011). silvana.dini@gmail.com LinkedIn,
, Twitter: @SilvanaDini1


Organizational Development Consultant and Business Coach

Organizational Development Consultant and Business Coach, focuses on the design and implementation of business coaching interventions, both individual and team. For more than 15 years he worked in the HR area in multinational companies in the Automotive and Telecommunications sectors, gaining a deep knowledge of organizational processes and dynamics. He has held positions reporting directly to senior and executive managers for Management and Development, Change Management, Leadership and Talent management. Always interested in people development, she has personally experienced the value and effectiveness of coaching as a practice that can accelerate change processes and activate synergies between business goals And personal needs. Participated in multi-country projects to promote culture and practice of coaching and mentoring as effective levers of individual and organizational development. Today he provides his experience and passion to contribute creatively and innovatively to develop clients’ potential. She holds a degree in Work and Organizational Psychology and is Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certified. Affiliate Member and accredited as a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches™ (WABC™). Since 2016, Tutor of the Master of Business Coaching Training, Business Coaching LAB at WE+Network. He holds the International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate” from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC, UK).


Psychologist and HR consultant
Facilitator certified in the Lego® Serious Play® methodology
Consultant certified in the use of Persolog® D-I-S-C based systems
Ordinary member of the Society for Coaching Psychology Italy

I have over 20 years’ experience as a Senior Consultant and Project Manager in managing and coordinating projects in evaluation, organizational development, training and facilitation, and coaching. As a psychologist and a professional, I believe in the power of empathy and the value of people. I am characterized by offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients, the result of an accurate survey of expressed needs and targeted design. Constant professional development, the search for innovative solutions and the concreteness of the proposed solutions are the elements that most describe me.
Over the years, I have specialized in the use of different methodologies for developing the competencies of individuals, teams and organizations and in the design of new systems for assessing skills and potential (Online Assessment Center).
I have gained my experience working with small, medium and large public and private entities, both in Italy and abroad.


He has been working for almost 25 years in Competencies Design & Assessment, Management Training and Coaching, with finalized experience in client projects among leading Italian and multinational companies and for private clients. Worked for 7 years in Deloitte Consulting’s Change Leadership team in Competencies & Culture Redesign, Assessment, Management Training and Change Management projects, as Division Manager. He has developed training and assessment methodologies over time, managing for 5 years the partnership as Italian Professional Partner of the international consulting network Persona Global based in San Francisco. It combines 4 areas of focus: management consulting on HR systems, Management Training (about 10,000 people trained), Potential Assessment and Business Coaching. The experience results in about 140 client projects. He has authored publications on the topics of service management and front-line development in service enterprises.


Engineer with extensive managerial experience in the world of operations, gained in multinational contexts, both as Plant Manager and Supply Chain Group Director. High level of people and project management expertise with established skills in defining and implementing business processes and projects, both in local and multinational entities. Today business management consultant, mentor for middle manager profiles and business coach, WABC certified.


HR Senior Consultant, assessor and coach, has more than 30 years of professional experience in Human Resources. His path began in a large Italian group in the service sector, where he had the opportunity to develop his skills in different areas, holding managerial positions in the Human Resources Area for many years. During her corporate experience, she has been involved in Training, Development, Organization and Management, consolidating in-depth know-how on the different areas of activity. Particularly interested in human capital development issues, she has implemented projects in Organizational Development, Development and Assessment Center, Selection, Coaching, post-assessment training and skills implementation paths and integration with personnel management systems, working for companies and consulting firms. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in executive coaching from SCOA. He is Master Certified Business Coach and Full Member WABC and is EQ Management and SEI Assessment Certified for personal and managerial skill development on the topic of Emotional Intelligence.


CEO and Founder of Listenia and DoYouCoach

CEO and Founder of Listenia and DoYouCoach, he has almost two decades of experience in Management Consulting, during which time he was Senior Partner in GSO Company, as well as CEO of its Romanian subsidiary GSO Human Resources. Previously, he held managerial positions for about fifteen years in the HR Department of Telecom Italia and, as Expat, of its foreign subsidiaries Neuf Cegetel (France) and Telekom Austria. ICF Certified Assessor and Coach (PCC), is a lecturer on the Italian faculty of the Leadership Coaching School -The Forton Group (UK) and holds the “International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate” from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC, UK). As an executive coach and project leader, he has managed and implemented countless integrated change management projects in Italian and foreign organizations from a variety of sectors, with a priority focus on engagement of individuals and teams. An expert in selection, evaluation and development systems, he is certified in the use of DISC-based products from Persolog and Wiley. He is also the author of books and numerous publications on various management topics, including “Self-Development” (Guerini, 2006).


Business Coach and Entrepreneur, Raffaella has re-invented a new professional life several times, with a red thread connecting all her experiences so far . Born in Milan, but always lived in Rome. She graduated in Mathematics and, after a brief teaching experience, was hired in a Multinational Consulting Company . Here she worked for 6 years undoubtedly learning a great ability to work by objectives, in teams and under tight deadlines. In 2006 he completely changed his life by founding his own StartUp in Rome in the Third Sector. She has been the owner and entrepreneur of this Company for 11 years. By greatly refining the quality of Service, he has realized that there is a need to definitely raise the bar on the quality of Services offered and simultaneously return to the core of Human Relations. To this end, he also founded a Trade Association, in defense of the needs of Services like his and their users. Due to personal life circumstances she moved to Milan and became certified as a Business Coach (with Wabc, Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) through the WE+Network School with which she now works. It is a profession that she is very passionate about. She assiduously continues to train herself by trying to choose the most accredited Schools and especially those that base their knowledge on scientific grounds. Such as the Summit of ExecutiveCoaches from around the world(Wbecs, World Business & Executive Coach Summit, 70 sessions for about 100 hours in total). She is associated with Emcc (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and here she has the opportunity to deepen exchanges among colleagues in the Community of Practice and participate in their initiatives. He believes in and relies heavily on the Colleague Network, if honest and generous. He has taken through theAoEc (Academy of Executive Coaching)the intensive module on Prof. Peter Hawkins’ Systemic Approach to Teamwork(Systemic Team Coaching) and is licensed to use the 360 Questionnaire (TC 360). She believes in the Development of the person as one between Body and Mind, a belief that has been solidified in her as a result of the long Path of Personal Awareness that she wanted to undertake through Bioenergetics. In her spare time she enjoys traveling the World with her husband and daughter Asia, an experience that always opens the mind greatly. It is inspired by Ghandi’s words, “Be the change you want to see in the World!” and is committed to improving every day in this direction by implementing concrete actions and projects.



Senior consultant, trainer and business coach. I have gained solid know-how in training, management development and competency assessment processes, working for more than 25 years with leading and recognized consulting firms. The facilitation and interaction methodologies I use (in the classroom and in coaching sessions) are derived from neuroscience, strongly characterized by embodiment and storytelling. Thought, mind and knowledge arise from the body. Embodiment is the continuous processing of internal and external inputs that are transformed into bodily and mental cognition. The transformation of these inputs into cognitive cores with meaning occurs through storytelling, a species-specific, biological and innate prerogative located in our most recent brain structure, the neo cortex. That is why I thought of calling my intervention style ‘biological-narrative,’ coining ad hoc the acronym MyB, which stands for MindYourBody. MyB is the innovative approach to training and coaching connatural to people.


Positive, welcoming, open to change

Management Consultant, Business Coach (she has been Registered Corporate Coach since 2018), Stefania has a solid professional and managerial experience.For a long time she worked in TIM (Telecom Italia) where she held different roles spanning many areas and business functions: from HR (Organization and Development) to Strategic Marketing and Business Development, to business development of technology partnerships. Despite a background in the humanities, he has always worked in “high-tech” contexts, experiencing as a protagonist, and from a privileged vantage point, the biggest technological transformations in the ICT sector in the last 20 years (the birth and boom of mobile telephony, the spread of Web technologies, Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation). Today he works with a leading company in the market of Cybersecurity solutions (another trend of great topicality and development), in a consulting role – in the Sales Department – for the development of marketing projects, business strategies and sales support processes. All this without ever neglecting and neglecting, in the various roles held over time, the focus on People (with a capital P!). He has continued to devote his interest and passion to the study of the transformation of leadership models due to the dramatic changes that the pervasiveness of new technologies and the evolution of the social and economic environment are causing. Stefania is actively involved in groups and associations that focus on empowering female talent and leadership to help break down stereotypes and achieve a more equitable, supportive and inclusive work environment.

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